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About HomeFront

The HomeFront Story

HomeFront founders Chris Moss and David Ballantyne each served as full-time Infantry Officers in the Australian Army for 15 years, and continue to serve as Army Reservists today.

David Ballantyne HomeFront Australia With Counterinsurgency Team

Captain David Ballantyne with Counterinsurgency Team training Afghan National Security Forces in Herat, Western Afghanistan, 2010

Graduating Royal Military College Duntroon six months apart, their shared and individual military adventures have taken them around the world; from Afghanistan, to North and East Africa, East Timor, Israel, South Sudan, Europe and the Gulf States. Serving together in various tactical command appointments as Platoon and Company Commanders, and Headquarters appointments as Operation Officers, the two formed a private company Ballantyne Moss in 2011 to pursue their shared post-deployment vision.

Chris Moss From HomeFront Australia With Team In Middle East

Captain Chris Moss and his Counterinsurgency Training Team RC-South in Kandahar, Afghanistan 2011

This vision was to take the cutting-edge command and control technology and networked logistics architecture from the most advanced modern military operations in the world, and use it to change the way services are delivered to Australians back on the home front.

From this vision, HomeFront Australia was born in 2016.

Developing original software for an instant booking platform that tied hundreds of vetted contractors into HomeFront’s operating environment, HomeFront launched in Brisbane with great success, expanding the platform to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney by early 2018.

HomeFront’s technology, which was built by the company with former Defence Science and Technology Organisation software developer Christopher Martin, allowed HomeFront to compete for and gain numerous commercial contracts, leading to the creation of FrontLine in early 2020.

A few of FrontLine’s current contracts

Rounding out the senior team with David as the Chief Executive of HomeFront and Chris as Chief Executive of Frontline, Jonathan Brown as the Chief Information Officer, and Gordon Henderson the National Operations Manager, HomeFront is now conducting services all over Australia on a daily basis through their Sydney and Brisbane-based staff, and hundreds of specialist contractors who have embraced the efficiency, transparency and certainty our system provides to take their service delivery to the next level.

While Department of Veterans’ Affairs Household Services clients comprise a small part of HomeFront’s business, it is by far the most important personally to its founders and staff, almost all of of whom are part of the Defence and Veterans Community. HomeFront sees their commitment to this community as being the very essence of their vision, developed on a Kandahar airfield 10 years ago.

HomeFront also supports veteran charities, such as our principal charitable partners Wounded Heroes Australia, actively employs veterans and reservists, and is active in the Defence Community.

HomeFront Australia Leadership Team

About our Providers

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HomeFront providers are motivated local family and community businesses who are well qualified for the job. It doesn’t matter which decal they carry on their utes, it is all about the person – their expertise, equipment and attitude. Some HomeFront providers are franchisees in a number of Australia’s biggest businesses, as well as some of Brisbane’s most competent sole traders who have run successful operations for decades.

HomeFront customers are only ever served by vetted, trained, reliable and accredited providers every time, and HomeFront ceases working with providers who don’t live up to our standard. We only work with providers who act honestly and transparently, and are committed to doing their jobs well.

HomeFront pays providers directly, never charges fees, and allocates work based exclusively on the quality and reliability of their service delivery. HomeFront enjoys seeing the good guys delivering great services to our customers, and we don’t shed a tear when we send the unreliable ones packing.

About our Customers

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You are HomeFront’s purpose, particularly your demand for a simpler and more reliable way to get your jobs done. HomeFront exists because you demanded:

  • A more reliable system than job tender sites, which are rife with under and over quoting, fake or inflated scores, and disreputable operators.
  • A more honest system than astro-turfed review sites, which operators stuff with fake reviews while the honest ones languish.
  • A more economical system than request-a-quote sites, where service providers struggle to out-compete each other, leading to a sharp drop off in actual service delivery, and you end up having to chase them to rectify issues or hire someone else to do it.
  • And an end to trawling through poorly skilled or motivated people to find someone who can simply get it done.

Please feel free to book a service, read more about how it works, or view our range of services in more detail.

About the HomeFront Community

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HomeFront operates its business to make a profit, support local businesses and deliver quality services to its members. Through profit, growth and success it supports Not For Profit causes, including its principal charitable partner Wounded Heroes Australia.

HomeFront prefers to support organisations that provide services directly to the most vulnerable in the community, particularly those suffering real and present hardship, be it disability, physical or psychological illness, re-housing due to domestic violence or the chronic issue of male homelessness.

HomeFront believes that not all charitable organisations are equal, and only partners with those who publish their annual reports and audits on public platforms. In short, we support those who, like us, do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.