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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have tried to make the HomeFront site clear and simple, and the booking process smart yet easy – however if there is something you don’t understand or can’t find an answer to, it is our job to fix that for you. Please have a look through our most commonly asked questions below and if that doesn’t answer it, please get us on chat or via contact us and we will get you an answer straight away!

The Basics

  • What is the difference between Book Instantly and Booking Enquiry?
    • Book Instantly uses HomeFront’s proprietary Build & Book tool to give you a guaranteed booking at a guaranteed price in about two minutes, so you can simply get on with your day. HomeFront has more than 70 services available from nine service categories available to be booked instantly via Book Instantly.

      If you have a more complicated job that requires discussion with a HomeFront team member, onsite quoting, specialist or licensed trades – or if you just simply prefer it, we have Booking Enquiry. With this short form, we will make an initial assessment of your job and get back to you within one business hour (usually in just a few minutes) to discuss your specific solution.

      Whichever way you book, your job will be carried out to perfection by the same reliable, vetted, insured and qualified Service Providers who, like us, do what they say they will do when they say they will do it.

  • Do your services cost more?
    • For like services, performed by professionals, our services cost the same or less than dealing directly with individual businesses themselves – without the guesswork (and legwork) of trawling review sites, ads, search engines and social media recommendations. HomeFront negotiates in bulk with service providers, manages their standards through written agreements, pays Providers directly and quickly, and arranges work that fits exactly within their field of expertise and perfectly within their existing schedules and geographical preferences. The administrative cost of managing these services is low due to HomeFront’s investment in the latest technology to schedule, transact and maintain quality assurance for you, meaning the cost of our service is more than absorbed by the efficiency we gain and is not felt by our customers.

      Once you realise that you can book any service with confidence, never have to chase anyone up and will always know what you are paying before you commit (with no hidden fees or obligations) then you will see why HomeFront Australia has been such an essential and frankly overdue addition to the Home Services sector.

  • Who are you?
    • HomeFront was started by former Australian Army officers who designed the technology and business processes to service the thousands of Defence families who frequently move from city to city as part of their employment. Within 6 months of operation, organic demand from the non-Defence community became so apparent, that HomeFront quickly opened its doors to all Brisbane residents. HomeFront now manages hundreds of local businesses who represent the top 20% of all businesses within their service category, while our customers never have to worry about who is going to turn up and can simply get on with their more important life priorities. HomeFront has now grown into parts of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

  • Are there any hidden obligations, fees or is there anything else I need to know?
    • The HomeFront ethos is one of transparency, simplicity and quality. We don’t strongarm you into paid subscriptions, we don’t stalk you online (which is becoming a way too frequent, creepy practice from businesses in our opinion) and you will always receive explicit, clear invoicing and terms before you commit to anything. The proof that this is a successful (if somewhat old-fashioned) business practice can be seen in our 5 Star Google Reviews, rapidly increasing reach, ability to attract the best Service Providers and army of supportive customers.


  • What is the Build & Book (Book Instantly) platform?
    • HomeFront gives you accurate pricing and instant bookings based on a combination of many factors, such as your individual household specifications, your precise location and your detailed service needs.

      By selecting Book Instantly anywhere on the site you will gain access to the Build & Book platform which is the tool that works all of this out – to do this it needs some basic information to get going such as the postcode you live in to confirm that the service you are looking for is available, the service that you want to book, the range of customisable options that you would like included and the date/time you would like the service delivered. Based on your inputs, pricing is calculated and provided to you along with the availability options for the service to be delivered.

      Using the Build & Book platform entails no obligation to book a service and we don’t track what you are looking at. You are free to go back and forth and view pricing for all of our services based on different variables that suit you, to package a range of things together and see the total price and when delivery might be available. If you like what you see, you can make a booking. If you want to think about it and come back another time, that makes us happy too.

      You can also submit a more general inquiry via the Assisted Booking tool and receive dedicated support to finalise your booking.

  • What’s the difference between Book Instantly and logging in to HomeHub?
    • Book Instantly allows you to access HomeFront’s dedicated Build & Book platform to instantly book and pay for a service. After you book your first service you will receive details to Login to HomeHub to manage your booking and make any changes if required. HomeHub Login allows you to proceed straight into your HomeHub account to manage existing bookings or to make new bookings after your account has been set up. Once you have set up your account for the first time, all your information will be stored to make it faster and easier for future bookings. You don’t need to have an account to make your first booking and actually you don’t even need to use your account for subsequent bookings, it’s all up to you.

      Note that HomeHub comes with no cost or obligation, and exists solely to make bookings and managing your services easier!

  • I just made a booking, what now?
    • After you make a booking you will receive a booking acknowledgment email to the address you provided. HomeFront allocates the highest rated, most suitable provider from our team of qualified, vetted and motivated service providers to complete your service at the time and date you chose.

      HomeFront will send you a confirmation email and SMS. We track your booking until service delivery occurs and on the day of your service, and send you a reminder notification around half an hour before the scheduled start time.

      When you first make a booking, a HomeHub account is set up to allow you to manage your booking. We will provide you with a username (your email address) and a password (change after first login) so that you can login to the email address you provided in your booking.

  • The service I am looking for is not available?
    • While more Book Instantly services are rolled out each month, you can request any type of home service at any time via Assisted Booking. The Assisted Booking form allows us to consider the unique elements to your service request, and we have organise hundreds of services each month via this form. From deck building, to landscaping, to pool filter servicing – our aim is to ensure our customers can book every conceivable home service from the comfort of their home, without having to play search engine roulette.

      We think we’ve cornered the market on quality, reliable, professional service providers, and our customers benefit from our written agreements with them every day.


  • Will I get charged if I make a booking and then decide not to proceed?
    • Only if the service provider has already attended your property or it is the day of service delivery and you haven’t confirmed the cancellation with one of the team prior. We must ensure that our service providers are looked after as much as our valued customers. To get the best pricing for our customers, our service providers deliver the highest quality service and accommodate a great deal of flexibility, but of course they are still running a business and generally deserve to be compensated for their time and travel.


  • How do I just check service pricing or view availability for my preferred date?
    • Using any of the Direct Booking displays throughout the site will give you instant access to HomeFront’s Build & Book platform. Using this platform you can select the service you are interested in, enter some basic property information and the tool will tell you the fixed price and show you a calendar of available appointment slots. You can use this function over and over again without any commitment to booking. If you wish to proceed with a booking, then feel free to finish the steps or go back and view any of the service information pages or the how it works page for more information.

      If you have any questions about these services, or want to book a service that doesn’t feature in Direct Booking, then fill in the quick Assisted Booking form and we’ll be in touch to discuss.

  • Do I get a discount if I set up a service schedule for regular services?
    • Yes, if you set up a weekly service schedule or for a duration greater than 6 months you will be allocated discounts on all subsequent services for the length of your schedule.

  • Are my credit card details safe?
    • Yes, safe as houses. HomeFront doesn’t retain any credit card or other payment information in our system, and only uses the current industry leading 3rd party payment gateways like Stripe.

  • What is payments by Stripe?
    • Stripe is the secure platform used by HomeFront to process all credit card details. It is safe, secure and reliable and used by many big businesses in Australia and around the world. Your details will remain secure and will only be used to process payments for bookings, packages and plans that you have booked or scheduled.


  • What is HomeHub?
    • HomeHub is the personalised customer area created for you after you make your first booking. Here you can manage your booking, make additional bookings, create and manage service schedules and download your service history and invoicing if required for tax or other purposes.

      HomeFront will never use the information you enter for any purpose other than to provide you with services at your request. We have a comprehensive privacy policy, we don’t spam HomeHub users, and we don’t stalk you online. In fact, we hate all that stuff.

      HomeFront has a single mission – making your household management easier by helping you to Get it Done.

  • I just logged in to HomeHub, what now?
    • If this is your first time logging in to HomeHub take a few seconds to set it up to make life easier in the future. First save your property address (this will appear below the Welcome box in HomeHub or alternatively you can click on the Property Settings tab) then consider saving your first and last name and your mobile number by clicking on the Account Settings tab. Opt to change your password while in Account Settings to something you will remember, or keep the auto generated password we sent you.

      Once your details are saved, then feel free to have a look around. Check out the range of useful tools, book a service or view and manage bookings you have already made.

  • Why do I have to re-enter property details when I first login to HomeHub?
    • When you first book a service on the HomeFront main site we only store the relevant information to process a single booking and we don’t assume that you will book again or that you want to save your information for future use.

      After you make your first booking we do create an account for you so that you can see your booking, make changes to it or even cancel it if you want to. You can decide not to login and not to have a HomeHub account in which case we will delete your account after your service has occurred.

      If you do login to HomeHub to manage your booking and decide to store your personal and property information for future use, you can then speed up the booking process as your information will appear in booking forms.

      Using HomeHub to make your future bookings is designed to make your life easier but the choice to use it is entirely up to you.

  • When are you adding more features to HomeHub?
    • Many more features will be rolled out over coming months. The aim is to ensure that our members can access a range of useful features that make it quicker, easier and more enjoyable to manage the day to day tasks of living in a home.

  • I have more than 1 property, how do I add other properties or investment properties to my account?
    • From the HomeHub main page look for the left side menu and you will see your username. Below this is the property settings tab. After you have saved your first property, you will be able to add new properties by clicking the add new property button. You can add up to 5 properties in a normal HomeHub account. If you want to add more than this you will need to upgrade to a HomeHub + account. This account gives you an unlimited number of properties, discounted base service pricing and a range of other useful HomeHub features only available to + members.

  • I’m a Property / Strata Manager, can I add 50 or 100 properties in my HomeHub account?
    • Yes, but if you add more than 5, you will be prompted to sign up to HomeHub+. You can give us your list of properties and we will load them all in, including sizing details so that you can get on with managing them. We will set up a dedicated calendar view, allowing you to view all service bookings for individual properties or across the portfolio.

Service Area

  • When will you be available in other parts of Brisbane?
    • We now cover most of Brisbane, and will continue to expand north to the Sunshine Coast and south to the Gold Coast throughout 2020.

  • If I move house, can I keep my HomeHub account?
    • Yes, absolutely. If you remain in our service delivery areas, you simply need to add your new property and relevant size details for the property. Feel free to keep your previous property if it becomes an investment or delete it from your account. If your property is outside of our current service delivery area, you won’t be able to book a service for that property but you are welcome to retain your account and history until we expand to your new suburb.

  • What if I move outside your service area?
    • We will happily retain your account until our service expands into your new area – assuming you continue to live in the main cities. If you move overseas or outside our future service areas, we will happily cancel your account.

  • When will you be available in other cities?
    • We expanded into Sydney at the end of 2019 and are planning on expanding into Melbourne in 2020 followed by Adelaide, Canberra, Townsville and Darwin likely in that order over the next 2 years.

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